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7 Questions on Leadership with Ella Nguyen

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In early 2023, Dog World Plus was launched with a mission to offer sustainable services for dogs and cats in Vietnam. Additionally, it aims to raise awareness about the welfare of companion animals within the community. Ella Nguyen discovered her new challenge in the pet industry in 2022. 

Ella has 15 years of experience in marketing, communication, and business strategy. She established an outsourcing business Innovature Consulting as a Co-Founder and operated Vietnam and Philippines offices. A decade of growth, Innovature expands to 100 employees and creates its footprints to US market as one of the trustworthy Accounting, Finance service provider from Vietnam.

Previous to outsourcing experience, Ella had served in the media and advertising industry as Head of Marketing for Forbes Vietnam to develop the global footprint in the domestic market, worked with media agencies and press partners to deliver the concept of Forbes to Vietnam business community. Ella found herself passionate about creating new things and implementing new ideas to make them happen. She is an outgoing and energetic person; she enjoys working with others as a team and has a strong motivation in connecting with people. 

Let’s listen together to the insights from Ella Nguyen on 7 Questions on Leadership through this article:

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